Ling Kai is a billingual Singaporean singer-songwriter, and the winner of the Red Bull Singer-songwriter contest <<红牛新能量音乐计划2012成长纪>> in China in 2012.

Ling Kai picked up the guitar when she was 17 and composed her first song when she was 21. Titled “Larkin Step”, the song was inspired by English poet Philip Larkin. Ling Kai shot to popularity in 2008 after uploading her recording of “Larkin Step” onto YouTube; the song reached a million views. By then she had also begun performing in local pubs together with her band.

In 2013, Ling Kai was talent-spotted by the mentors of Stefanie Sun, Lee Sisong and Lee Weisong, who produced Ling Kai’s first bilingual and full-length album, which was released in 2013 in Beijing, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In 2014, Ling was among the 60 contestants invited to compete on Chinese reality TV singing show Sing My Song  <<中国好歌曲>> aired on CCTV. She emerged as the only Singaporean and the sole female contestant to make it to the finals, and was also the winner of the team mentored by veteran singer-songwriter Tanya Chua.